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Show Bikes: Custom 'Old School' Bobbers

Custom 'Old School' Bobbers

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Customized 'Old Skool' Bobber Show Bikes

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The hybrid custom 'old-school,' or 'old skool' bobbers harken back to a bygone era, recalling the styling-cues from the stripped-down flatheads, knuckleheads, Indians, and and British twins from the 1930s and 40s.

The name "bobber" (aka "bobbed" or "bob job") was coined for the practice of 'chopping' off large sections of the typically bulky steel fenders that came as standard equipment during the period.

These original hard-scrabble bobbers were back-yard customs designed for flat-track and dirt-track racing, and the cannibalizing of unnecessary window-dressing was all about performance and weight reduction. The original bobbers were the precursor for the modern "chopper."

Retro & Old-School Custom Builders

This photographic builder's portfolio of 'old-school' retro choppers and bobbers represents the meticulous craftsmanship by some of the top bike builders, customizers, fabricators, and airbrush artists on the west coast.

Most of the bike builders on this page also create fantastic cutting-edge radical choppers, but their work in the vintage old-school bobber realm really stands out. This section also contains links to an extensive assortment of customized classic and rolling chassis builders.

Vintage Chopper by Billy Lane's Choppers, Inc
Vintage Henderson Bobber by Billy Lane's Choppers, Inc.

Vintage Bobber by Falcon Motorcycles
Vintage British Bobber by Ian Barry, Falcon Motorcycles

Retro Bobber Chopper by Trollworx
Harley Flathead by Trollworx Choppers - Zoom & More Info

Retro Bobber Chopper by Todd's Cycle in Huntington Beach
Harley Knucklehead by Todd's Cycle - Zoom & More Info

Indian Chief Bobber by Kiwi Indian
'Arrow Space' Indian Chief Bobber by Kiwi Indian

Retro Bobber Chopper by Chico Custom Cycle
Harley Shovelhead by Chico Custom Cycle - Zoom & More Info

BackRoad Choppers in Delhi
BackRoad Choppers - Zoom & More Info

Baker Drivetrain - Harley Panhead Bobber
Baker Drivetrain's Harley Custom Panhead Bobber - Zoom & More Info

Retro 'Hybrid' Custom Builders

Retro Bobber Chopper by Chabott Engineering
Knucklehead Bobber by Chabott Engineering - Shinya Kimura - Zoom & More Info

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