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Custom Drag Bikes

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Customized Sportbikes, Drag Bikes & Street Rods

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This genre is difficult to categorize - part purpose-built metric dragster, part boulevard cruiser, part radical custom show bike, and a little Hip Hop style billet-bling thrown in for good measure.

Metric superbikes such as the Suzuki Hayabusa or Kawasaki Ninja are a popular canvas from which these builders create their stretched and slammed customs. Some builders opt for the stripped-down, anodized, minimalist approach, while others never saw a metal bit that didn't deserve a layer of chrome. Different stokes for different folks, but any way you choose it, audaciousness is the prime mover of this rapidly growing niche in the world of motorcycles.

2002 Zyborg 1430cc 80Valve Twin Hemi
Zyborg 1430cc 8-Valve Twin Hemi Evo Dragster - 2007 Legend of the Motorcycle show

This page contains custom builder portfolios, and photographic archives showcasing an extensive assortment of custom motorcycles, show bikes, radical custom drag motorcycles, or stretched and slammed street rods.

Radical Custom Builders & Fabricators

This photographic builder's portfolio represents the cutting edge in the field of slammed drag-bike construction, showcasing some of the top bike builders, customizers, fabricators, rolling chassis builders, billet parts suppliers, chrome platers, and airbrush artists on the west coast.

Goldammer Cycleworks - Gold Member Dragster
'Gold Member' Dragster by Goldammer Cycleworks

Roaring Toyz Kawasaki ZX-14 Sportbike Dragster
Kawasaki ZX-14 Sportbike/Dragster by Roaring Toyz

Eye Candy Sportbike Dragster
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Sportbike/Dragster by Eye Candy Cycle Designs

AFT Customs Metric Dragster
Yamaha Metric Custom Dragster by AFT Customs

MotoMorphic JaFM
2010 MotoMorphic JaFM Superbike

GG Quadster Quad Motorcycle
Grčter & Gut's GG Quadster BMW Quad Motorcycle

Dan Gurney's Alligator Motorcycle
The "Grandpa Gator" Dan Gurney Alligator Motorcycle

MTT 250 Series Gas Turbine
MTT 250-Series Gas Turbine Superbike by MTT Turbine Vehicles

Two Brothers ZX-6R
Kawasaki Custom ZX-6R by Two Brothers Racing

GC Hellion Custom Sportbike
GC Hellion Custom Sportbike by Gregg's Customs GC-Cycles

Steffano Motors Custom Ducati 999
'Cafe9' Ducati 999 Custom Sportbike by Steffano Motors

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