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Motorcycle Racing Leathers Race Suits & Protective Gear

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Motorcycle Leather Racing Suits & Protective Gear

This page contains links to suppliers and manufacturers of top-quality racing apparel, racing protective gear, custom tailored or custom made one-piece leather motorcycle racing suits and track suits; and CE-approved and certified carbon fiber and/or kevlar protective gear, helmets, boots, gloves, knee slidders, and other sport/racing motorcycle clothing related items and merchandise.

For off the track, street duty, there are also several lighter-weight textile sport jackets and pants made with Schoeller-Keprotec® and Schoeller-Dynatec® kevlar, ballistic nylon, Cordura 500, and CE-approved hard-foam or Hiprotec body armor that offer a similar level of protection to their leather counterparts.

Custom Motorcycle Racing Suits & One-Piece Leathers

Helimot European Accessories

Custom Made One-Piece Leather Motorcycle Racing Suits
1141 Old Bayshore Hwy
San Jose, CA 95112

Lindo Leatherwear - Zooni Leathers

Custom Leather Track Suits
2618 Union Ave
San Jose, CA 95124

Vanson Leathers

Custom Tailored Leather Motorcycle Racing Suits
951 Broadway
Fall River, MA 02724

Manx Leathers

Custom Made One-Piece Motorcycle Racing Suits
Glen Road
Laxey, Isle of Man

Motorcycle Sport & CE-approved Racing Body Armor

Bohn Body Armor - Carbon Kevlar

Chest & Back Protectors
166 Eaton Rd, #A
Chico, CA 95973

Dainese Body Armor

Chest, Back, Knee & Neck Protectors
Via dell'Economia, 91
36060 Molvena (VI) - Italy

Sport & Road Racing Motorcycle Boots

Frey-Daytona Racing Boots

Bahnhofstra 5+6
D-84307 Eggenfelden, Germany

Helimot European Accessories

Dealer for Frey-Daytona Security Evo Boots
1141 Old Bayshore Hwy
San Jose, CA 95112

Motorcycle Sport & Racing Gloves

Helimot Gloves

H-20, Buffalo Pro, Racing, & Buffalo 365, F-108 Sport Gloves
1141 Old Bayshore Hwy
San Jose, CA 95112

Racer Gloves (PROCAR GmbH)

Airforce, High-End, & Multi-Top Damen Racing Gloves
Tischlerstraže 4
A-4050 Traun, Austria

Kushitani USA

Kushitani GPR IV Racing Gloves
059 Lincoln Blvd #E
Marina Del Rey CA 90292

Held USA Gloves

Phantom Kevlar Racing Gloves
1232 Commerce Street
Conover NC 28613

Alpinestars GP Pro Racing Gloves

GP Pro Racing Gloves at Kneedraggers
243 Quigley Blvd Suite A
New Castle, DE 19720

REV'IT! GT Corse Racing Gloves

Postbus 103
5340 AC Oss, The Netherlands

Dainese Racing Gloves

Dainese Duel, X-Knuckles, & Full Metal Racing Gloves at Kneedraggers
243 Quigley Blvd Suite A
New Castle, DE 19720

Off-The-Rack - Leather Motorcycle Racing Suits

Dainese One-Piece Leather Pro Replica Racing Suits

Dainese Racing Suits at Kneedraggers
243 Quigley Blvd Suite A
New Castle, DE 19720

Alpinestars Racing Replica Leather Suits

Alpinestars Pro Racing Replica Suits at Kneedraggers
243 Quigley Blvd Suite A
New Castle, DE 19720

Motorcycle Sport & Racing Apparel Manufacturers

REV'IT! Engineered Skin

Postbus 103
5340 AC Oss, The Netherlands

Dainese Leathers

Via dell'Economia, 91
36060 Molvena (VI) - Italy

Sidi Sport SAS Boots & Leathers

Via Bassanese, 79
31010 Maser, Treviso Italy

Oxtar Racing Boots (TCX Boots)

via G. Ferraris, 56
31044 Montebelluna (TV)


8 S 18th Ave W
Duluth, MN, 55806

Motorcycle Sport, Racing Leathers & Apparel Retailers

Road Rider Motorcycle Accessories

2897 Monterey Road
San Jose, California 95111 USA

Knee Draggers Racing Apparel

243 Quigley Blvd Suite A
New Castle, DE 19720 USA

Motostrano Supermoto

926 Broadway
Redwood City, California 94063 USA

CE-approved Body Armor & Protective Gear

The "CE-approved" labeling on certain products denotes a protective item or "PPE" (Personal Protective Equipment) that met, or exceeded the European Union's unified testing standards and procedures for CE certification, when tested and approved by an independent, government approved testing agency.

Any piece of CE-certified or CE-approved protection is typically effective in absorbing the shock impact for a single event, due to the structural design of a crushable material. The "CE-approved" labeling of certain garments only refers to the individual protectors, and not the entire garment.

For additional information, go to:

Abrasion Resistance - Leathers vs Textiles

If you have ever experienced road rash you know how important this debate is. As evidenced by the universal use of leather in professional motorcycle racing, when it comes to abrasion resistance, leather can't be beat - although not all leather is the same.

Hide thickness (typically around 1.4mm to 1.5mm+ for the best track suits), thickness uniformity, grain structure, hide type, and hide selection all play an important role in the effectiveness of a leather garment. Because leather is a variable natural product, it cannot be "tested" in the same way as a man-made textile product.

The friction of a slide can easily generate enough heat to melt most synthetic textile materials, potentially causing sever burns. The introduction of Kevlar into textile fabrics blends such as Schoeller-Keprotec® and Schoeller-Dynatec® (as made by Schoeller Textil AG) is meant to mitigate this melting effect, but Kevlar material, with its higher tensile strength, my have less elasticity than materials such as Cordura® 500 Nylon (as made by INVISTA).

Blended Kevlar/Nylon is an attempt to compromise between the two, but the Nylon component can still melt under high friction/heat. Liner material can add an extra level of protection against burns caused by melting nylon.

For street use, textiles may be more practical due to their lower weight, breathability/coolness, and higher weather resistance, but these are compromises made between safety and convinience.

For additional information, go to:

Schoeller Textil AG
INVISTA Cordura®
Aerostich - Kevlar vs Cordura Nylon

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