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Vintage Motorcycles: Bultaco Motorcycles

Vintage Bultaco Motorcycles

Bultaco Motorcycle History

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The Bultaco motorcycle company (Bultaco Compa–’a Espa–ola de Motores S.A.) in Barcelona, Spain was founded by Francisco Xavier 'Paco' Bult— in 1959, after Bult— resigned as director of the Montesa motorcycle company. The 'Bultaco' company name is a combination of Francisco Bult—'s surname (Bult)—', and his nickname P(aco).

Bultaco began its life as a builder of road-racing and road-going motorcycles, with the introduction of their first motorcycle, the 125cc Bultaco Trala.

1967 Bultaco Metralla Mk2
1967 Bultaco Metralla MkII

During the early years, Bultaco earned a solid reputation for its road-racing motorcycles, but by the early 1960s, Bultaco entered the off-road market, producing a formidable line of single-cylinder two-stokes.

Bultaco TSS Model-29 350cc Road Racer
1969 Bultaco TSS Model-29 350cc Road Racer

Bultaco models that were imported into the U.S. were the 125cc, 360cc and 370cc Sherpa S, Sherpa S America, and Pursang motocross/enduro, the Matador and Sherpa T 350 trials bikes, the Aplina, Campera, Frontera, Lobito, Mercurio, and Metralla sreeet or enduro models, and the Astro flat tracker.

1966 Bultaco Pursang 250
1971 Bultaco Pursang 250 MK-11

1967 Bultaco Sherpa T Model 27
1967 Bultaco Sherpa T 250 Model 27

during the mid 1960s, Don and Derek Rickman manufactured popular motocross and scrambler frame/body kits (known in completed form as the 'Rickman Mˇtisse') for Bultaco, as well as several other manufacturers.

1966 Bultaco Metisse 250
1966 Bultaco Metisse 250

After a falling out with the Rickman brothers, Bultaco built a series of Rickman-like motorcycles called the Bultaco Mˇtisse, Pursang Mk1, Metisse Model 11 which are distinguished by their nickel plated frames.

Bultaco Compa–’a Espa–ola temporarily ceased operations in 1979, resuming production in 1980, and permanently liquidating in 1983. The Bultaco name was purchased in 1998 by Sherco Moto S.A.R.L., and used to brand a line of trials bikes called 'Bultaco Sherco' or 'Sherco by Bultaco' which were manufactured until 2001.

The Bult— family's motorcycling tradition continues to this day, with Paco Bult—'s grandson Manuel Sete Gibernau Bult— racing for the Spanis MotoGP team.

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