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Classic Vintage Motorcycles: Premier Cycle Company

Vintage 1913 Premier Cycle

The Coventry Premier Cycle Company

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The "Hillman and Herbert Cycle Company" was founded in 1876, by W.H. Herbert and William Hillman. Hillman and Herbert was a bicycle manufacturer until the turn of the century, when they decided to get into the motorcycle and automobile business.

Bicycle manufacturing in the Coventry area was an offshoot of the sewing-machine manufacturing industry, and the proximity to the "Coventry Sewing Machine Company." The Hillman and Herbert factory was located in Hillfields, a suburb of Coventry, England.

Premier Cycle Company

The Hillman and Herbert Cycle Co. changed its name to the "Premier Cycle Company" in 1892. The Premier Cycle Company began manufacturing motorcycles in 1908.

1913 Coventry Premier Cycle
1913 Premier Cycle - Owner: Pete Young, California - Zoom

In 1912, the Premier Cycle Company began manufacturing 'cyclecars,' small and inexpensive cars that often used one or two-cylinder motorcycle engines.

Premier 500cc Single-Cylinder Motor - Zoom

Coventry Premier Ltd.

The Premier Cycle Company went through yet another name change in 1914, to "Coventry Premier Company." Coventry Premier introduced its three wheeled "Super Runabout" cyclecar in 1917. The Super Runabout featured a 1056cc water-cooled v-twin engine.

Hillman-Coatalen Motor Car Company

William Hillman went on to form the "Hillman-Coatalen Motor Car Company" in 1906. Hillman-Coatalen was the maker of the "Hillman" car.

Engine Primer Petcock Valve
Premier's Engine Primer Petcock Valve

The Premier Cycle Company (Coventry Premier Ltd.) was sold to Singer & Co. (aka "Singer Bikes and Motor Bikes") in 1920, and the Premier/Coventry name was dropped in 1923.

1913 Premier Cycle

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