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Vintage & Custom Motorcycles: Egli-Vincent & Norvin

Vintage Vincent Norvin

Vincent Engine Swaps: The Egli-Vincent & Norvin

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The Vincent power-plant's unusual appearance and power made it an ideal candidate for repackaging into a hybrid motorcycle chassis - as Phil Vincent did to the HRD decades before.

Swiss engineer and frame manufacturer Fritz Egli created over 100 "Egli-Vincents" between 1967 and 1972, making the original Egli-Vincent very rare. Fritz Egli gave the "Egli" treatment to several different marques, and each version received his "Egli Swiss Finish" engine blueprinting process.

Godet Egli-Vincent
1971 Egli-Vincent 1000

The "Norvin" hybrid has been made since the 1950s. Norvin's used a "featherbed frame" from a Norton, with or without the lower frame tubes. The Australian "Corish Vincent" or "Corish Norvin" became a legend in the Australian motorcycle racing circuit in the 1970s.

Norvin Vincent
1952 Norvin Norton/Vincent

John Mossey Restorations in Buntingford, Hertfordshire England, builds brand-new 1000cc to 1200cc Vincent motors to modern specifications, and his engines are used in the 'JMR Egli-Vincent' and 'JMR Norvin.' His engines generate 66 bhp at 6200 rpm, and come in a black or polished aluminum finish.

Parkin Vincent
1962 Parkin Vincent Engine

Godet Replica Egli-Vincent

Egli-Vincent replicas are still being produced by Patrick Godet, in France. Godet's replica Egli-Vincent is made in three versions: the 'Egli-Vincent,' a 'Cafe Racer' version, and a 'Sport GT.'

Godet Egli-Vincent
2006 Godet Egli-Vincent 1330cc

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