5 Reasons to Never Ride Your Motorcycle without Insurance

Motorcycling can be a fun experience however it comes with a lot of risks. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, safety should be your first concern. In that regard, you must always make sure that you have proper gear before getting on the road. Of more importance, however, is having insurance coverage. The following are compelling reasons to get insurance coverage.

1. It is a requirement of law

Except for Florida, Montana, and Washington, motorcyclists in all the other states and the UK are required to have liability insurance. This ensures that you are financially covered for the damages or injuries that you could cause to others in case of an accident. Compliance with the law ensures that you avoid jail time or having to pay unnecessary fines.

2. It prevents future expenses

Getting a motorcycle insurance can prevent expenses from denting your wallet in the future in case your motorcycle is damaged. Buying new parts or fixing of your motorbike could be a costly affair especially if major damage were done. In the case that your bike gets written off, you would have to replace it with a new one.

3. Not everyone has insurance

In case of any damage on your motorcycle that is caused by the mistake of others, your insurance policy will be able to compensate you for the damages if the offending party can’t afford to. It is recommended to go for the uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself from the irresponsibility of other drivers and save yourself the time taken to file a lawsuit against the offending party.

4. Motorcycles are more likely to experience damage, unlike cars

Motorcycles are less stable as compared to cars and are therefore more likely to be involved in accidents. They are also not easily seen by other drivers or passengers along the road and can easily result in a collision. It is important to get a personal insurance on top of your motorcycle insurance to protect yourself.

5. Motorcycles are prone to theft

Motorcycles can be easily stolen and sold in for their parts or sold to other people without a title. It only takes about 20 seconds to steal a motorcycle as reported by the National Criminal Intelligence Service and this could all happen when you are taking a break in the restroom. To cushion yourself from bearing loss in such eventualities, it is important to arm yourself with an insurance policy that covers for theft.

The following are some important insurance coverages that you should consider:

  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage. You will get compensated if the offending party has no or little coverage.
  • Collision coverage. This is a mandatory requirement when taking a loan to buy a motorcycle.
  • Medical payments coverage. This covers your injury expenses and the injuries that you caused to others.
  • Liability insurance. This provides coverage against damage or injuries to third parties.

Motorcycles are a much cheaper form of transport, and it is better to enjoy using them when a good insurance policy covers you. Learn more about cheap motorcycle insurance options.

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